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Yuri Mikhailovich Luzhkov

Yuri Luzhkov, Mayor of the City of Moscow, is a leader committed to sustainable urban development and whose campaign promises have already begun to materialize.

He has removed environmentally unsafe industries from the capital, and established an environmental procurator's office as well as a special police department for environmental protection for the Moscow region.

He has contributed to the stabilization of air pollution from cars by improving fuel quality, equipment of municipal transport by installing catalytic converters, and the flow of traffic by altering the City's routes.

He has placed a full ban on the use of leaded fuel and has set new standards on the construction of ring highways, which must meet certain environmental requirements. He also established a new policy whereby the use of coal in thermal power stations and by large industries has been replaced by natural gas. As a result, carbon dioxide emissions have been reduced significantly.

He has enforced the law requiring the renewal of purifying systems in industrial plants and has changed the way in which galvanic processes are undertaken and centralized the use of galvanic waste, thus reducing the level of heavy metals in the Moscow River.

He introduced environmental education in the City's secondary schools and institutions of higher learning.

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