Dr. Stephen O. Andersen

Dr. Stephen O. Andersen

Stephen Andersen's accomplishments in ozone protection encompass problem solving, public education and community involvement.

He conceptualized and implemented the UNEP Technology and Economic Assessment Panel, which he continues to co-chair and which has become a model for independent, international and technical assessment. He put together teams of experts from governments and industry to work with developing countries on ozone protection, laying the groundwork for technology-sharing and multilateral financing. He catalyzed the involvement of national military programmes, defense contractors and space agencies to develop and implement solutions to ozone protection, including new approaches to revising military procurement. He has brokered agreements between industry and environmental groups to facilitate technically and economically successful replacements of ozone depleting chemicals in diverse industries including food packaging, oil production and automobile air conditioning. He developed an award programme to promote individual, governmental and corporate efforts to protect the ozone layer.

His work has broadened to encompass climate change, and he has already brought about an agreement between the United States and the Japanese Governments and industry to promote alternatives to perfluorocompounds in semi-conductor manufacture.

He is the recipient of awards from the Sao Paolo State. UNEP, the Mobile Air Conditioning Society and the International Cooperative for Ozone Layer Protection.

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