Mike Anane

Mike Anane

Mike Anane, an environmental journalist, has helped to raise environmental awareness in Ghana. As editor and environment writer of the Triumph newspaper (1991-1995), his gutsy articles brought to the fore the alarming rate of environmental destruction in the country. His campaigns calling for the closure of an asbestos products factory shook the country's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Ministry of Environment from their slumber. His articles, particularly those dealing with toxic waste, earned him many enemies who threatened his life. Undaunted, he went on to challenge the Parliament and EPA to investigate the matter. Their inquiry concurred with Anane's position and they recommended that the culprits be punished. His writings caught the attention of the British High Commission and he was awarded the British Chevening Scholarship for further studies. Upon his return, he wrote a book Covering the Environment - A Guide to Environmental Journalism in Developing Countries whose aim is to encourage journalists and editors to report on the environment and to make these stories interesting to the public. He also established an International Centre for Environmental Journalism based in Accra, which seeks to motivate the media to take a more serious interest in the environment. As founder of the League of Environmental Journalists in Ghana, he organized workshops to equip journalists to report on the environment since neither of the two media training institutions offer courses in environmental reporting.

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