Kook-Hyun Moon


Kook-Hyun Moon


Kook-Hyun Moon, President and CEO of Yuhan-Kimberly, has been a leader in environmental protection activities in Korea for more than 20 years. He initiated the Keep Korea Green campaign, the first environmental protection campaign undertaken by a private company in the country. This campaign has influenced the private sector's concern for the environment. Since 1984, he has donated part of his Company's annual profits to the National Forestry Cooperative Federation. The funds have been used to plant and nurture some 17 million trees in natural forests, and to build a 30 km path which facilitates the afforestation process. Since 1985, he has initiated and organized environmental education programmes for the public, including a tree planting event for newlyweds, a green camp for teenagers and a tree observation event for elementary school students. Since 1994, he has been responsible for the distribution of books on environmental education to schools around the country. Since 1994, he has donated approximately half a million dollars to colleges, research centres and environmental organizations for research and development activities. Since 1974, his Company has had environmental management systems in place. Some US$ 20 million have been invested in environment-friendly product design and processing and for installing and operating advanced environment-friendly technologies. His Company is the first sanitary paper industry in Korea to receive the ISO 14000 certificate.

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