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In 1967, Jane Goodall established the Gombe Stream Research Centre in the United Republic of Tanzania.

For 35 years, her behavioural and ecological projects, focusing on wild chimpanzees and olive baboons, have provided insight into the lives of non-human primates. In one of her many observations, which amazed the world, Jane Goodall documented chimpanzees making and using tools - a behaviour previously believed to separate humans from other animals.

In 1977, she founded the Jane Goodall Institute for Wildlife Research, Education and Conservation (JGI) to provide ongoing support for field research on wild chimpanzees. The Institute directly supports or contributes to many programmes and projects including: field research activities based at the Gombe Stream Research Centre; the Chimpanzoo Programme - an international research project dedicated to the study of chimpanzees living in zoos and other captive settings; sanctuaries for orphaned chimpanzees located in the Congo, Kenya, the United Republic of Tanzania and Uganda which provide support for the rehabilitation and conservation of chimpanzees; and an international environmental education and humanitarian programme for youth, entitled `Roots and Shoots', which promotes hands-on activities which lead to a better understanding of environmental, animal and community issues in more than 30 countries.

Jane Goodall's tireless dedication has brought wildlife conservation and environmental issues to the attention of millions of people around the world.

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