Ambassador Dr. Mateo J. Magarinos De Mello

Ambassador Dr. Mateo J. Magarinos De Mello


Ambassador Magarinos de Mello is a pioneer in the field of environmental law. He is the first jurist to write about the theory, and introduced this new legal system in the Faculty of Law and Social Science of Uruguay. He has been a great influence on Uruguay's environmental policy, and was in part responsible for the Montevideo meeting of government experts on environmental law and actively participated in the elaboration of the Montevideo programme.

He is the recipient of the Elisabeth Haub Award from the Free University of Brussels and the International Council of Environmental Law of Bonn. Ambassador Magarinos is a veteran of the Stockholm Conference which gave birth to UNEP and was President of UNEP's Governing Council in 1981.

He helped establish the National Institute for the Preservation of the Environment, and created the Department of Environment in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He was the founder and President of the Uruguayan Association of Environmental Law and of the Inter-American Committee of Environmental Law and Administration.


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