Torsten Malmberg

Torsten Malmberg

Professor Torsten Malmberg is Head of the Human Ecology Division of the University of Lund, Sweden.

In 1953 set up to the Falsterbo Bird Observatory which has now for decades made it possible to monitor and protect the migrating bird populations of Northern Europe. 20 years later he defended his dissertation in ecological zoology considered the alarming decrease of the Rook (Corvus frugilegus) as a result of the contamination by fungicidal seed dressings. This was soon prohibited, with the recovery of the Rook stock as a consequence.

During the last 50 years. Professor Malmberg has published more than 300 scientific and popular papers on ecology and behaviour, mostly orientated towards conservation. He is founder and editor of the Acta Oecologiae Hominis, an international monograph series on the science of human ecology. He has written the book Rooks and Pesticides and other papers addressing and expanding the subject of his dissertation. For decades he has been a leading functionary within Swedish national and regional societies for ornithology, human ecology and conservation.

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