Carlos de Prada

Carlos de Prada

For more than 11 years, Carlos de Prada, a journalist, environmentalist and writer, has developed radio programmes, which have had a wide-ranging influence in Spain. He is considered one of the country's greatest advocates of nature conservation among those working in the media.

He is also an environmental columnist in El Mundo - one of the more influential newspapers in Spain. His articles have bravely exposed serious environmental crimes. Through his radio programmes, de Prada has provided valuable input to solve Spain's water problems by inviting dissident voices on his programmes, which were often silenced in other media more friendly to the establishment. His programmes helped stop the 1993 proposal of Spain's water plan, which was based on the construction of grandiose hydro power works. He has campaigned against numerous projects to build dozens of dams that would have caused serious social and environmental damage. He helped save areas such as Cabaneros, (which is today a national park in the Spanish Mediterranean forest), where the Spanish and OTAN Air Force had planned to set up a dive bombing area. He was instrumental in saving Donana National Park, which had been threatened by a major urbanization plan. His work has also dealt with issues such as waste, clean energy production, biological diversity, forest fires, pollution and the preservation of ecosystems.

He is a founding member of the Association for the Recovery of Autochthonous Fauna, whose aim is the recovery of specimen of threatened species and their reintroduction into their natural habitat. De Prada is the recipient of numerous awards, including the National Award for the Environment (1997), the City Council of Madrid Environment Prize (1994), the Castilla y Leon Award for Nature Conservation (1998) and the Friends of the Earth Award (1995).

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