Peter S. Thacher

Peter S. Thacher

Peter S. Thacher dedicated more than three decades of work at an international level on remote sensing and other practical applications of space science. He played a special advisory role for NASA and provided a unique and extremely valuable contribution to geogrpahic information systems on local, regional, and global levels.

And in honor of Peter S. Thacker the Thacher Scholarship program was founded and is awarded to an exceptional high school student displaying the best use of satellite remote sensing in understanding the changing planet.

Mr. Thacker was a Board Member for the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies(IGES) and chairman of the Earth Council Foundation-US. Since retiring from the United Nations in 1983 at the rank of Assistant Secretary-General, Mr. Thacher was principally Associated with the World Resources Institute, and was senior advisor to Maurice Strong, the Secretary-General of the UN Conference on Environment and Development--the June 1992 Earth Summit in Rio. His twelve years with the UN included serving as Director of the UN Environment Program (UNEP) European Office in Geneva until becoming Deputy Executive Director of UNEP and relocating to the Nairobi headquarters of UNEP.

Mr. Thacher began his UN service as Program Director on the staff that prepared the 1972 UN Environment Conference in Stockholm.

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