Adult Award Winner in 1994

Nicanor Perlas

110 Scout Rallas Street
Quezon City


Phone Number:

(63) 993 982

Alternate Phone:

Fax Number:

(63) 997 608


Mr. Nicanor Perlas successfully solved problems of growing food without pesticides. His approach not only increased yields and net incomes but also alleviated poverty. Perlas pioneered a method, which is a variation of the bio-dynamic and ecological agriculture approach while incorporating the best in indigenous farming practices. His method is currently the basis for the country’s two largest examples of sustainable agriculture. In Davao del sur, 800 areas of sustainable rice farming have seen the net income of farmers increase by 200 per cent without any use of pesticides. Perlas succeeded in focusing national attention and action on the hidden practice of using pesticides already banned or restricted in other countries. Twice he galvanized public and Government action resulting in the banning of eight highly hazardous pesticides. He also succeeded in convincing the Government to initiate policy reforms to reduce and phase out pesticides in farming. He pioneered the concept of seven dimensions of sustainability: economic viability, social justice and equity, cultural pluralism, holistic science, appropriate technology and human capacities and spirituality. These dimensions are now part of the national sustainable agriculture coalition.