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Ms. Bernadette Vallely, founder and former Director of the Women's Environmental Network (WEN) has been instrumental in linking environmental problems with practical women's action in the fields of consumer information and health. She set up the organization with her own money and worked without a salary for three years. WEN has over 200 affiliated organizations, representing a network of over five million women, local activist groups and over 3,000 individual supporters. Past campaigns have included chlorine-free paper, chocolate and pesticides, minimum packaging, eco-labelling, dioxins and chlorine, tampon safety and boreal and temperate forest protection. WEN's first campaign successfully persuaded companies to stop using chlorine bleached paper in a number of consumer products including sanitary protection, disposable nappies, office paper, coffee filters, magazines and art papers. Awards received by Bernadette Vallely include the British Environment Media Award: Campaign of the Year (1993); Ethical Consumer Award for Best Consumer Campaign (1993); Cosmopolitan Award for Young Women Achievers (1991); UNIFEM/Women and Environment, Partners in Life Success Story (1991) and the Prima Green Award for best environmental organization (1990). She has also written and contributed to many books on the environment available in many languages including 1001 Ways to Save the Planet and the Young Persons Guide to Saving the Planet.

Bernadette also was responsible for creating and managing the award-winning Save the World Club (2000-2011), a children’s eco-arts charity whose main projects created urban art to combat graffiti involving more than 15,000 members of the public and covering hundreds of metres of ugly walls and underpasses in London. The club won the prestigious Queens Award for Voluntary Service amongst its many awards for its exciting approach to urban environmentalism and the engagement of young people in their local community.

Bernadette Vallely is currently managing a national choir Shakti Sings dedicated to “honouring the earth through song “ and promotes women’s sacred activities to protect the earth. This includes managing a team Gaia’s Guardians, whose main interest is adopting and protecting rivers and raising consciousness about the sacred nature of rivers and the earth. She is a radio broadcaster, writer and painter. Earth Goddesses of the World is to be published June 2013 and charts more than 60 Earth Goddesses of many faiths throughout history.

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