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Since its founding in 1982, by Ben van Bronkhorst and Kajsa Dahlstrom, Globetree has worked tirelessly to unite children in caring for their world. Globetree uses theatre and drama as its tools and has science and technology as its platform. Globetree uses the creative impulse to mobilize children and teachers to improve life and the environment.

Globetree's achievements include: curriculum development in Bolivia; ecological parks in Brazil; a university technology center in Indonesia; environmental education and technology in Kenya; GlobetreeNet (a network of children's advocates); GlobetreeTheatre; and GlobeEye (sound, picture and film archive).

When Globetree hosted a meeting of 600 children in Stockholm in 1986 to discuss environmental concerns, water was found to be their common bond. In the ensuing years, Globetree hosted the 'Sharing Water Ceremony' in Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Kenya, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Mexico, Norway and the Netherlands, and at the 1992 World Summit on Children at the UN in New York. These ceremonies culminated in Globetree's sponsorship of 5,000 young people from 70 countries in the Globe Arena in Stockholm on UN day - 24 October 1998. Their mission was to incorporate Agenda 21 into a group vision of a safe and healed earth, which they called Future Vessel.

For the first time in the history of global environmental activity, 200 computers linked the gathered participants with students from around the world. To symbolize their unity, the participants co-mingled water from their countries in a crystal bowl. Since then, 30 more countries have contributed water to this bowl.

Sadly, founder van Bronkhorst died three months before his Future Vessel vision was realized.

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