Water Partnership Project Eastville Primary School & John Graham Primary School

Water Partnership Project Eastville Primary School & John Graham Primary School

The Water Partnership Project began in 1997 when Eastville and John Graham Primary schools in South Africa embarked on the "2020 Vision for Water Schools Project". Via this project, initiated by the Minister of Water Affairs and Forestry, schools around the country are ensuring that water resources are protected. The focus is for students to carry out water audits in their schools and homes, as well as of local rivers and lakes. In 1998, the project was implemented in 3,000 schools nationwide, and these two schools embarked on a unique partnership where they learn from each other and which now serves as a role model for other schools. Eastville, located in a poor Cape Town suburb with high unemployment, began with a community garden and a water quality audit. The school's garden involves 200 jobless persons and provides 200 families with vegetables. The garden is also used to produce cut-flowers, which are sold to buy educational materials and to finance the school's water bills. They succeeded in including agriculture in the school's curriculum and inspired similar projects in more than 20 schools and by several NGOs. John Graham School, located in a middle class suburb, helped water saving initiatives become part of their curriculum and based on their project, a national school water policy has been developed which will be the basis for water saving activities in schools participating in the 2020 project. The schools are exploring projects dealing with energy, waste and water quality in rivers.

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