Kruti Parekh

Kruti Parekh

Thirteen-year-old Kruti Parekh, one of the world's youngest female illusionists, uses magic to pass on the environmental message. She performs in schools and at public functions.

To illustrate the need to recycle, she turns herself into a paper recycling machine by eating paper and magically reproduces recycled paper. She also tells a child to put a banana peel in her bag and turns it into a bouquet of roses, to demonstrate how waste can help beautify one's environment.

She is the founder and director of Eco-Foundation, which is collaborating with Panchvati Green Movement, and has been appointed their official ambassador in Mumbai.

She succeeded in involving some 100 schools in the city to participate in the project "Rescue Mission Planet Earth". She represented India at the International Children's Conference on Environment, held in Eastbourne, England in 1995.

She is the director of Eco-Kid Club in Bal Bhavan and has created a vermiculture pit in Bal Bhavan, which transforms garden waste into manure. She uses earthworms as the vehicle for turning garbage into a reusable resource. She has put this principle into practice at her home, in a temple in Mumbai whose monthly waste is more than one ton, and she is planning to adopt a railway station where she would apply her vermiculture approach. She was interviewed about her vermiculture programme, by a Japanese television station for a documentary on children and the environment, as well as by BBC radio and TV.

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