Red Scarf Environmental Protection Action Group

Red Scarf Environmental Protection Action Group

Wangyue Primary School was set up in 1989. In 1991, at the suggestion of the students, the Red Scarf Environmental Protection Action Group (RSAG) was created. Once a week, the pupils leave the school grounds to observe their environment, analyze pollution problems and propose solutions to the polluters and the Government. In 1992, RSAG discovered that a lot of wastewater from a brewery was being discharged into the Xiangjiang River without being treated. This situation was reported to the local environmental protection agency, and at RAG's suggestion and under its supervision, a waste water treatment station was built. There was a time when there were 10 garbage dumps in the Wangyue residential area, which contaminated the environment. RSAG noticed this and proposed to the area committee that the rubbish be packed locally and collected. As a result, the situated was changed and dealt with appropriately. In 1996, RSAG initiated a movement to wipe out "white pollution". Under their leadership, the movement spread throughout the school, the district and city. More than 10,000 students took part and the district government prohibited the use of all plastic foam dinner sets. RSAG has also carried out activities dealing with environmental education and summer camps. They have written essays on the environment, which have won awards at the provincial and city level. In 1998, Wangyue was chosen as an environmental education model by the Environment Protection Agency of Hunan Province.

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