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Toyota Motor Club
Toyota Motor Club

The Toyota Motor Corporation of Japan is increasingly trying to meet the challenges facing our planet by developing vehicles that are environment-friendly. Every aspect of their industry, from research, production, distribution, sales and service focus on sustainable development and the improvement of overall corporate excellence. In December 1997, Toyota introduced Prius to the market, the world’s first passenger vehicle in production powered by `hybrid power train system’. Prius offers twice the fuel efficiency compared with conventional vehicles and cuts HC, CO and NOx emissions to about one tenth. Toyota has been one of the most aggressive companies to develop the Fuel Cell Electric vehicle, which has already achieved the high-level performance that their prototype car has run on the test track. Toyota is also very positive towards ISO14000, and all of their sites, including overseas plants, will be accredited within this century. Since the beginning of 1997, Toyota has had an Eco-project – a public declaration featuring the importance of ecology-oriented business philosophy.

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