Pprofessor Seth Sunday Ajayi

Due to its many advantages, green roofs, sometimes referred to as vegetated roofs or living roofs, are growing in popularity. They are made by covering a conventional roof with a layer of vegetation, soil, and waterproofing membrane.

The Advantages of Well Planted and Managed Green Roofs

Several well-researched advantages are provided by it. An extensive review of the advantages of green roofs can be found in the GSA green roof paper, The Advantages and Challenges of Living Roofs on Public and Commercial Structures. The study includes a review of 200 research studies, a cost-benefit analysis that is novel, a discussion of problems and best practices, and an evaluation of the need for additional research.

The advantages of green roofing:

  • Stormwater Management: Living roofs can reduce the risk of water quality degradation due to excessive runoff by lowering the flow of stormwater from roofs by up to 65% and delaying the flow rate by up to three hours.
  • Energy Efficiency: By providing shading, thermal mass, and insulation, living roofs lower building energy demand, resulting in lower cooling and heating costs.
  • Increased Biodiversity and Habitat Creation: Vegetated roofs create new urban habitats for animals and plants, boosting urban biodiversity.
  • Urban heat islands can be lessened by chilling the air and surfaces around it, consuming less energy, lowering the risk of heat-related sickness and death, and reducing air pollution.
  • Vegetated roofs are anticipated to last twice as long as conventional roofs, which will result in lower long-term expenditures.
  • Aesthetic Value: By creating a visually pleasing green area that building residents and guests can enjoy, living roofs can improve a building’s aesthetic appeal. Moreover, the presence of plants can lower noise pollution, enhance air quality, and create a calmer environment.

Buildings can benefit from green roofs in many ways, including the environment, society, economy, and aesthetics.

Several GSA buildings have successfully implemented vegetated roofs, and in-depth study has demonstrated the advantages of properly built and maintained green roofs. Living roofs can offer many advantageous outcomes to building owners and occupants by utilizing these advantages.